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Black Cube file: Israeli defendant David Geclowicz gets two years on probation

David Geclowicz, one of the Israelis investigated in the Black Cube spying case was sentenced to two years on probation on Tuesday, after the judges had Okayed the agreement clenched with the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT). The court’s ruling will be final ten days after the pronouncement.

The anti-organized crime representative said on Monday that the Directorate is asking for a sentence of 2 years and 8 months on probation and three years of probation period, based on the agreement.

David Geclowicz told the judges he will accept the sentence as it is, yet mentioning he will ask the court to consider he has spent 120 days on preventive arrest and 60 on house arrest.

After the arrest, I understood the grossness of my actions. In my view, all information were of interest for authorities (…) I don’t come from the criminal area, it has been a nightmare to stay in prison. I had time to think to the future and I want to do something good, useful with my life. I need this chance to make things right (…),” the young Israeli man said during the Monday hearing.

Sorin Fuse, the lawyer of Codruta Kovesi’s ex-husband, Eduard Kovesi, former employee with the National Anti-corruption Directorate and the lawyer of Liliana Sabau, also former DNA employee were present in the court room when the sentence was pronounced, saying they don’t agree to the DIICOT’s agreement or to the sentence.

Lawyer Sorin Fuse argued that the punishment is extremely indulgent, considering that an organized criminal group has been set up to do the spying and that the defendant knew what he was embarking to by coming to Romania.

The Tribunal will discuss the DIICOT agreement regarding the other defendant in this file, Ron Weiner, on November 28.

Weiner Ron and Geclowicz David have been under preventive arrest for several months for spying attempt against the Romanian anti-corruption chief prosecutor, Laura Codruta Kovesi.

They were charged with setting up an organized criminal group, illegal access to an IT system, informatics data unauthorized access, alteration of data integrity and illegal operations with IT devices and programmes. Subsequently, they have been released and placed under house arrest.

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