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BNR Governor's wage dropped by almost RON 11,000

BNR Governor’s wage dropped by almost RON 11,000

The salary of Mugur Isarescu, Governor of National Bank of Romania (BNR) decreased by about RON 11,000 per month, according to the wealth statement, recently published on the central bank’s website.

Isarescu received an annual salary of RON 1.012 million as central bank governor last year, by almost RON 132,000 less than RON 1,114 million in 2015. On average, Isarescu received a monthly net income lower by RON 11,000 each month.

However, he can not complain, the BNR governor has received, on average, RON 84,300 monthly from the central bank.

Isarescu also has 12 accounts at the banks in Romania: 478,000 in lei, 24,400 in euros and 6,500 in US dollars, compared to RON 494,000, almost EUR 1,600 and USD 1,100 last year.

Central bank official owns, together with his wife, two 14,610-sqm plots in Silistea Snagovului. The Isarescu family has a 260 sqm house in the same locality, a 127 sqm apartment in Bucharest and a 88 sqm holiday house in his home town Dragasani.

Isarescu also has a numismatic collection, jewelery, paintings and silverware worth a EUR 142,000.

BNR Governor mentions in his wealth statement an Eagle car bought in 1993, as well as a motor boat bought in 2004. Isarescu also owns 75 percent of Mar SRL, his wine business from Dragasani.

Moreover, the Romanian National Bank (BNR) governor Mugur Isarescu has set a world record as the longest serving governor of a central bank, according to World Records Academy. Isarescu, 68, was named in office in 1990, except for a one-year break when between December 22, 1999 – December 28, 2000 he was appointed prime minister.

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