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BRUA pipeline gets Romania’s green light

BRUA pipeline gets Romania’s green light

Romanian Ministry of Energy has issued the construction authorization for the gas pipeline from Bulgaria to Austria, via Romania and Hungary (BRUA), a press release informs.

BRUA project has been blocked at the taking office by the new government, because the construction authorization could not be issued, Romania risking both works’ delay and losses of almost EUR 180 million EU funding .

“This situation was due to the double status in the project of the Ministry of Energy , i.e. as permit issuer and authority to verify its legality, being managed by the same compartment, something that contravened the law. We have corrected the situation by establishing a dedicated structure to BRUA project and we accelerated the authorization process, the schedule for project implementation being complied,” Toma Petcu, Energy Minister stated.

According to Ministry of Energy data, “the works for BRUA interconnector will be carried out on the territory of 11 counties on the Romanian side, the deadline for first phase completion being, as scheduled, 2019. The new pipeline will have a total length of 550 km and a maximum capacity 1.5 billion cubic meters per year toward Bulgaria and 1.5 billion cubic meters and 4.4 billion cubic metres per year toward Hungary in phase two of the project.

The biggest benefit by building BRUA is that Romania diversifies its sources of gas supply. On the other hand, a larger number of suppliers increase the bargaining power of Romania to obtain the best possible prices for consumers.

“Once put in service, BRUA can also be an outlet for gas reserves in the Black Sea and which will bring us closer to the goal of being an energy hub and the stability pole in the region,” Petcu added.

When completed BRUA will connect Eastern and Central Europe to the gas fields in the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. This is considered the biggest such work in Romania and Europe so far, a pioneering work.



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