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Bucharest city hall gives money for IVF to infertile pairs

Bucharest City Hall will grant money for IVF procedures for the infertile pairs in the Capital. The project will kick off as of June 4. The financial aid mounts to RON 13,800 (almost EUR 3,000) for each family and will be given in tranches, in the form of two vouchers, based on the medical letter.

The procedure will be performed in pharmacies and medical units specialized in vitro fertilization, which meet the eligibility standards. The rules pertaining to the financial aid will be posted on the website of the Hospital and Medical Services Administration on Thursday.

The eligibility criteria are: the infertile pairs that are recommended the IVF procedure, the members of the pair have health insurance, the male partner suffers of azoospermia, and the women must be aged from 24 to 45.

The two vouchers will be granted in two stages: the first one, worth RON 4,600 for the stimulation procedures and the second one, worth RON 9,200 for the effective IVF procedure.

The project was initiated by Bucharest mayor, Gabriela Firea and has been Okayed by the city councilors on March 28.

The resolution draft says that the fertility rate in Romania is on an alarming decline, with the forecast saying Romania will have a population of 14 million in 2050, as against 19 million at present.

One in six pairs trying to have a baby will experiences difficulties in obtaining pregnancy,” says the draft.

5,000 IVFs are made in Romania every year, ten times less than in Western Europe.

The pairs don’t need to be married to receive the financial aid for the IVF procedure.

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