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Bucharest foreign institutes round-up. Upcoming events

Italian masks and shows on Masca Theater stage

Masca Theater and the Italian Institute in Bucharest invite the Romanian audience to a class of “dell’arte Italian comedy” including stage performances and mask design workshops. Italian actor and director Michele Modesto Casarin is holding a conference on the modernism of “dell’arte comedy” at the Foreign Languages Faculty with Bucharest University on November 6 starting 6 p.m. Sculptor and mask designer Stefano Perocco di Meduna is holding two workshops on mask design at Masca Theater on November 7 all day long. The same day, starting 7 p.m. Venice theater troupe Pantakin is to perform Arlecchino/Don Giovanni by Roberto Cuppone and Michele Modesto Casarin.

Viva España, guitar recital at “Guitar Evenings”

Cervantes Institute and Kitharalogos Cultural Association are organizing the second recital of the “Guitar Evenings” festival, titled “Viva España”, on November 8 starting 7 p.m. Mezzo-soprano Claudia Codreanu and guitarist Costin Soare are performing a collection of 12 old folk Spanish songs, “Canciones Populares antiguas” signed by musician Federico García Lorca, a famous Spanish folklorist who used to depict well-known Spanish regions like Cordoba and Andalusia.

Documentary Mondays at Czech Centre in Bucharest

The Czech Centre in Bucharest invites cinema goers at his HQs next Monday, November 10 starting 8 p.m. to see “The Good Driver Smetana” Czech movie.

With a permanent marker in hand, Olomouc bus driver Roman Smetana takes on the corruption and the injustice at the heart of contemporary Czech politics. When he starts drawing alien antennae on the portraits of politicians pasted onto the city’s billboards, one of his colleagues turns him in. The judge who tries him is incidentally the wife of one of the politicians whose billboards he defaced. Smetana pays a fine but refuses to do his 100 days of community service. The conflict soars between the courtroom and the street.

The Good Driver Smetana | Vit Klusak, Filip Remunda | Czech Republic, 2012, 77′

English subtitle. Free admission.

Selfie on Poland’s Independence Day

Polish diplomats in Romania launched an unconventional invitation to celebrate Poland’s independence.

Anyone can take part in “#MyPolska” event. All you need is a camera or smartphone, red and white fit-up (Poland’s national colors) and a place that can be related to Poland and its fight for independence.

You can make a selfie standing in front of Belvedere Palace with the Polish flag in your hand or you can sit on Jan Karski bench in Warsaw. Take a picture of you and Pi?sudski statue in Bucharest or… you can come up with your own ideas.

Post your picture on Facebook on November 11, using #MyPolska hashtag.

Diversity Week, 5th edition

British Council in Bucharest is staging the 5th edition of Diversity Week, organized in partnership with the Light Into Europe Foundation, due on 10-14 November. The main goal of the event is not only to promote diversity, but also to create a context where we can learn more from people with sensory disabilities. Throughout the week, you will get the chance to attend guide-dog demonstrations, sign-language workshops and pantomime demonstrations.

Workshops dedicated to the interested and curious who are willing to learn more about the means of communication and of artistic expression of sensory impaired people are on the way. Moreover, the organizers will hold a series of artistic workshops, meant to make us aware of the fact that a person’s talent and skills are by no means confined by such impairments.

Magyar Film 8 Week on November 10-16

The event will take place at Horia Bernea Studio, 3 Monet?riei Street and at the Romanian Peasant National Museum.

On November 11, starting 6 p.m. moviegoers are invited to a 102-minutes infusion of short and cartoon films rejoined in the Best of CineFest section. Eight movies coming from Austria, Israel, Hungary, Japan and Cuba with English subtitle will be screened.

German director Veit Helmer brings his „Fiddelsticks” at KinOdiseea

German director Veit Helmer is invited at 2014 edition of KinOdiseea, a festival running movies for children, due on November 14-19. The German director will introduce his „Fiddelsticks” feature telling the story of Bollersdof small town where the Consumption Research Society is testing new products. Not all the locals want to take part in the tests and begin to rebel against them. It is a true movie for children that adults should not miss either.

Studio Cinema, Eforie Cinema and Patria Cinema are to host the movie screenings, Goethe Institute in Bucharest informs.


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