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Bucharest-Ilfov region, the highest net wages and the lowest economic growth in the next two years

The highest wages will be earned in Bucharest in the next two years, the average net earnings per month are expected to increase from the current RON 3,304 to RON 3,639 in 2018 and RON 3,957 in 2019, the National Prognosis Commission (CNP) informs in its autumn territorial forecast.

At the opposite end is Harghita County with RON 2,001 in 2018 and RON 2,160 in 2019, up from RON 1,776 per month this year.

The Bucharest-Ilfov region will register average net earnings of RON 3,535 in 2018 and RON 3,844 in 2019, followed by the West region – RON 2,570 in 2018 and RON 2,803 in 2019 and by North-West region with RON 2,460 in 2018 and RON 2,690 in 2019.

The lowest net monthly wages will be registered in the next two years in the South-East region – RON 2,143 in 2018 and RON 2,295 in 2019 and North-East region – RON 2,250 in 2018 and RON 2,415 in 2019.

The highest average number of employees will be in the Bucharest-Ilfov region – over 1.12 million in 2018 and 1.16 million in 2019, followed by the North-West region – 705,300 employees in 2018 and 732,100 employees in 2019 and by Centre region – 664,500 employees in 2018 and 689,100 in 2019.

The most significant advance in gross domestic product will be recorded in North-West and South-East (5.8%) next year, and in 2019 the rankings will change, with North-West remaining at the top, with an economic growth of 6%, followed by the Centre region, with a similar percentage.

At the opposite end, low GDP growth will be achieved next year in the South-West Oltenia (5.3%) and Bucharest-Ilfov (5.3%) and in 2019 in Bucharest-Ilfov (5.3%) and South-East and West regions (5.6%).

The lowest unemployment rates next year will be in Bucharest-Ilfov (1.4%), West (2.1%) and North-West (2.7%). On the other hand, significant unemployment rates will be recorded in South – West Oltenia (7.1%), South-East (5.9%) and South Muntenia (4.9%). For 2019, the regions with the lowest unemployment rates remain Bucharest-Ilfov (1.3%), West (2%) and Northwest (2.6%), and South-West Oltenia (6, 8%), South-East (5.6%) and North-East (4.9%).

At national level, the CNP forecast indicates a GDP growth of 5.5% (2018) and 5.7% (2019) in the coming two years, down from 6.1% this year, with a monthly average wage net of RON 2,614/employee (2018) and RON 2,834/employee (2019), up from RON 2,355/employee this year and an unemployment rate of 3.9% (2018) and 3.7% (2019) ), down from 4.2% in 2017.



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