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Bucharest to have a ‘white night’ on Saturday to Sunday
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Bucharest to have a ‘white night’ on Saturday to Sunday

Bucharest’s White Night is happening on Saturday night, September 19, starting 9 p.m. and lasts until Sunday, three o’clock in the morning with the Capital’s old center as venue and free entrance.

The event organized by Arcub came to its fifth edition and promises to be another unforgettable night. 15 huge lighting devices will clear the area, jazzing the streets up with glowing displays and animations, laser and sound plays. Live music and painting will also warm things up, while Romanian and international artists will race in displaying the latest technologies and music and visual instruments.

Les Lumineoles kites will be flown 30 meters above the ground and they could be seen from several points in the city, while some walls will be ‘painted’ with video images about Bucharest’s history. Musical and visual cubes will invite participants to create and express themselves. Lights Contacts interactive light and sounds devices will not miss the show either, as well as Street Sound speakers generating a soundscape out of musical samples triggered by the passers’ moves.

The 15 devices packing the old center are:

  • Interactive Map (Intouch Media, Romania) in front of Gabroveni Inn, 84-90 Lipscani Street.
  • Urban Lights Contacts hi-tech colored sounds and lights (Scenocosme, France), Stavropoleus Street.
  • Lumineoles, colorful jellyfishes animating the city’s sky (Porte par el vent, France) in Saint Anton square.
  • The Poetry Juke Box (Mitos Micleusanu, Romania) on Covaci Street.
  • Simona Strungaru Symphonics meets the Square Cat (Simona Strungaru, Romania), live music and graphics on the crossroads of Carada with Lipscani streets.
  • Kaleidopolis, a giant kaleidoscope (Aural Eye, Romania) at the crossroads of Gabroveni and Sepcari streets
  • Music social soire (Mindscape Studio and ELEVATOR Art Group, Romania) on French street, near Curtea Veche Museum.
  • Bucharest. Layer by layer (Mindscape Studio, Romania) on French street, Manuc’s Inn. You can paint virtual walls with a technological painting roller.
  • Cosmic Rain (Mindscape Studio, Romania), a star rain screened on the windows of Gabroveni Inn on Lipscani Street, Gabroveni Inn.
  • Street Sound (Modulab, Romania), you can create the soundtrack of your life by your body moves, on Covaci Street.
  • Pixelart (Modulab, Romania), you can touch and draw in pixels, on the crossroads of Carada and Doamnei streets.
  • Laser Grid (Modulab, Romania), the laser rays that can set an alarm off, on Roma Street, the Latin passage.
  • Big Bob Band (Les Ateliers Nomad, Romania), move it and create an 8BIT alter ego on Roma Street.
  • Trigger Fun (Les Ateliers Nomad, Romania), keep on pedaling and you’ll activate a super animation on the building, on the crossroads of Postei and Mandinesti streets.
  • Aquatic Harp (Intouch Media, Romania), beautiful sounds activating by touching some light beams, on the crossroads of Lipscani and Smardan streets.

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