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Bucharest University rector Mircea Dumitru resigns from qualifications watchdog in protest of new Education minister’s statement

The rector of the University of Bucharest and former Education minister Mircea Dumitru has announced on Monday evening he is resigning from all positions held at the Romanian qualification watchdog, the National Council for the Certification of University Titles, Diplomas and Certificates (CNATDCU), in protest of the recent statements made by the new Education minister Valentin Popa during hearings in the special committees in Parliament.

Please, take note of my resignation from all positions I hold within CNATDCU, member of the General Council, president of the Philosophy Commission, member of the Philosophy Commission. My presence in this body would be completely irrelevant and would make an impartial observer of good faith have the false impression of some agreement of substance between your vision and my vision regarding the standards of the academic ethics, while it’s obvious to me that, following your public statements today, I would be in the position to accept compromises that are unacceptable,” Mircea Dumitru says in an open letter addressed to new minister Valentin Popa.

As long as the minister position has been backed by an obedient party member, a servile doer of some orders came <from the center>, although I was not Ok with myself, I considered there is no strong incompatibility, yet, between, on one hand, the fact that the high-ranking dignitary in the education system was a pitiful illiterate and an irretrievable uncultivated person, and, on the other hand, my work in my expertize field, philosophy. I considered it’s a duty I have to my professional community,” the former minister argued.

Mircea Dumitru has also slammed the grammar errors made by Valentin Popa.

When the public position once held by Spiru Haret (editor note: a famous Romanian scholar-mathematician, astronomer and politician who lived in the 19th century, early 20th century) is given to a university professor who is also a rector, and he is suffering of dramatic episodes of childish fight with the basic grammar of the Romanian language and who must rather <grab> an elementary syntax book than managing such a huge responsibility for the children and the future of this country…well! under these circumstances, my presence in the ministry’s bodies would injure my own soul health,” the rector of the Bucharest University wrote.

Valentin Popa, rector of “Stefan cel Mare” university rector, validated to take over the Education portfolio, made some controversial statements regarding the plagiarism in the PhD theses amid harsh debate over the multitude of plagiarized papers encountered among Romanian politicians. Moreover, Popa, who has been in the media pipeline in the past days for the grammar mistakes in his speeches and statements, continued to make them also during the hearing in Parliament and after that.


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