15 years since Dacia became a Renault group brand. The success story continues…

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Automobile Dacia remains the most successful business after extensive privatization processes that have been through Romania since 1989. The French group Renault completed this success fully. Recently, Renault and Dacia marked 15 years of partnership.

On July 2, 1999 the contract for the company’s privatization was signed and Dacia became a Renault group brand, having the main mission to support the group’s development on emerging markets.
The Dacia SuperNova model equipped with a Renault engine and gearbox was released in 2000, as the first materialization of the Romanian-French teamwork. In April 2003 the Dacia Solenza model on gasoline was launched and the Dacia Solenza on diesel followed in September 2003.

“In the European automotive industry, Dacia-Renault means performance, seriousness, innovation and adaptability, it means quality. I wish many years from now, no matter what the governance and political changes are, Dacia-Renault to remain at least at the level it is now,” Prime Minister Victor Ponta sent a special message for this event.

In 15 years, Renault’s total investments in Dacia reached EUR 2.3 billion, thing which has contributed to the positioning of the car maker as one of the most important companies in the Romanian economy, with a significant boost to the gross domestic product and exportations. 17,000 people are working directly in production at Dacia now.
This year also, Renault Romania celebrates 10 years since the launch of Logan and Technical Centre in Titu marks four years of establishment.

The quality of Dacia products earned the company international recognition. The explanation for Dacia’s success is that the Mioveni-produced cars feature an unmatched price – quality ratio and unbeatable reliability. Over 90 percent of the output of the Mioveni Automotive Assembly Plant is exported to 41 countries on four continents, with the UK, Ireland and Denmark (2013) being the latest additions to the Dacia outlet markets.

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