2.5 million sqm of new beaches to be available in Romania by 2020

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11 plots of new beaches totaling 2.5 million square meters will be available in Romania between Periboina and 2 Mai areas on the Romanian Black Sea shore. Minister of Waters and Forests, Ioan Denes announced in Constanta on Friday that tourists will be able to enjoy these new beaches through a European project aimed to cut the coast erosion. The project, worth around EUR 752 M, has the completion deadline in 2020.

The project has two stages, with the first one planning to conclude plots of beaches in Periboina, Mamaia, Tomis (Casino area), Agigea and Eforie. Other six plots of beaches will be available in the second stage, in Costinesti, Olimp, Jupiter-Neptun, Balta Mangalia-Venus-Aurora, Mangalia-Saturn and 2 Mai.

Works for the first stage will start in January 2019, and for the second stage are due to kick off in September next year.

The works consist in sanding some areas of the beach, in rehabilitating dams and piers and in consolidating some waterfronts.

After the project ends, we’ll have 100 km of sand motorway to be put into service, minister Denes said.

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