23 teams join the Innovation Labs 2021 acceleration program in Cluj and Timisoara

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Last weekend marked the start of the Innovation Labs 2021 program with two online Hackathons, held in parallel – in Cluj and Timisoara. Within them, 23 teams based on technical innovations qualified for the 7-month mentoring program, organized by the Tech Lounge Association, Transylvania Institute of Technology Foundation, Calemis Association, EduHub and Cowork Timisoara with the support of BRD – Groupe Société Générale, Atos, Orange, UiPath, Elrond, Microsoft, Carrefour, with Romanian – American Foundation as strategic partner, and in collaboration with the Executive Unit for Financing Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation.

This week, on March 13 and 14, 2021, two more Hackathons will follow, which will take place simultaneously in Bucharest and Sibiu, and on March 20 and 21, the Hackathon in Iasi will be organized. Registration can be done on www.innovationlabs.ro/register until March 11 and 18, respectively.

Innovation Labs is implemented together with academic partners: POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest, University of Bucharest, “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, “Babeș – Bolyai” University, Technical University of Cluj – Napoca, Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy” of Cluj-Napoca, ”Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași, “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iași,“Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu, Timisoara Polytechnic University and West University of Timisoara.

Innovation Labs continues to invite young people from all universities to join the program at the Innovation Labs closest centre to them – taking advantage of the online performance of the program.

The two Hackathons from Cluj and Timisoara gathered 75 teams, made up of over 190 young people with brave projects, which aim to have a positive impact on several business sectors through their technological solutions. The present start-ups have aligned themselves with one of the business verticals of the program: Agriculture, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Fintech, Health & Lifestyle, Retail, Smart Cities and Smart Mobility.

The participants of the Innovation Labs 2021 Hackathons cover three categories, depending on the members’ experience: teams made up exclusively of students – who go through their first entrepreneurial experience, spin-off teams from research projects in the university environment – who will benefit from support in identifying potential sales markets and opportunities to apply the technologies developed in real business scenarios; teams of experienced students and entrepreneurs, who will go through an entrepreneurial discovery program together.

The hackathon is a dynamic process of exploration, development, finishing and product creation, which brings together young people, technology enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, industry specialists, but also well-known leaders from the Romanian entrepreneurial ecosystem. The 75 registered teams, passionate about technology and animated by a bold idea, virtually presented themselves on Saturday morning, March 6, for the first stage of admission to the Hackathon: a 1-minute flash presentation of the idea to the jury and the audience, followed by the vote of the audience vote present at the event and the jury deliberation.

Based on the options of the jury and the participating audience, the teams with the highest potential entered the development and fast mentoring stage of the Hackathon. During Saturday and the following night, the 46 teams of selected young people worked on perfecting a prototype as convincing as possible of their initial idea, under the guidance of mentors and the jury of the two Hackathons.

On Sunday, March 7, the teams presented an improved version of the product and their business strategy to the jury and the audience, through a presentation that included a technical demo and a 2-minute pitch elevator. The jury, made up of personalities from the digital innovation ecosystem in Romania, accepted the difficult challenge of selecting the most performing and promising 23 teams and prototypes, which thus entered the 7-month development and mentoring program. Qualified teams start today an intense experience of weekly interactions with mentors, users and potential investors, gradually entering the world of digital innovation and technical entrepreneurship.

This week, on March 13 and 14, 2021, two more Hackathons will follow, which will take place simultaneously in Bucharest and Sibiu, and on March 20 and 21, the Hackathon in Iasi will be organized. Registration can be done on www.innovationlabs.ro/register until March 11 and 18, respectively – teams from all university centres in the country are invited.

Over the next 7 months, the goal of the program is to accelerate ideas to the stage of MVP (Minimum Viable Product), to help teams bring their ideas in a validated and valuable form, created for real market customers, but also to go to the right financing opportunities for own start-up. At the same time, the program develops an entrepreneurial way of thinking among the participants, introducing in their vocabulary business terms and concepts. Thus, through the various activities in the program, the well-known entrepreneurs and businessmen will share their experiences with the young participants, guiding them in the knowledge and exploration of the Romanian entrepreneurial ecosystem. Last but not least, through program partners, teams benefit from access to state-of-the-art technologies for development of their products, as well as opportunities for effective market positioning.

On October 14, during the Demo Day event, the finalists of the program will present their products to partners, media representatives and potential investors, and the most convincing teams will be recognized through the Innovation Labs awards. The teams will continue to benefit from the support of the accelerator and the supporters of the program even after the end of the mentoring period, becoming part of the alumni community of Innovation Labs.

Qualified teams in the mentoring program Innovation Labs 2021 Cluj


Number Team Type Description
1 anon – AutoML Start-up Anon AutoML proposes an automated learning platform (ML). More and more companies have data available and are interested in introducing ML / AI in their products, but the crisis of expertise in the field prevents them from finding the necessary human resources. Anon AutoML opens their access to these technologies, quickly providing them with the desired automation models and decreasing the costs and frictions of innovation, by a SaaS platform.
2 Agramonia Scale-up Agramonia offers a hierarchical management system for the local agricultural and tourist market. Already tested in 3 pre-run versions, the Agramonia platform allows offering, ordering and delivering local products to tourists, organizing activities and events, accommodation offers as well as an integrated management system that builds an efficient and scalable community.
3 Voyas Start-up Voyas is a smart travel assistant who takes on the effort of managing travel and leaves only the joy of experience. Once the destination is chosen – based on the recommendations made by the AI-based application, which takes information from the user’s social accounts – all the work of synchronizing hours and data, evaluating alternative routes, planning attractions, accommodation and travel is taken over and automated by Voyas. Traveling will be as simple as posting a picture on social media.


4 CyclinGo Start-up CyclinGo increases the safety of cyclists in traffic by an intelligent signalling system and monetizes their visibility in traffic. The product automatically detects, interprets and displays the cyclist’s movements on a special vest with LEDs. A related mobile application allows you to customize the messages displayed by the vest, including by displaying commercial messages.


5 Heimdallr Start-up Heimdallr offers a minimalist and effective Google Chrome extension against phishing attacks, which have become more frequent and often go undetected by general cyber security solutions. Users are notified of the risks in real time. The product is available free of charge for individual users and on a company subscription basis, which can thus obtain protected brand status.


6 V-Studio Start-up V-Studio is an application that provides users a virtual movie studio, inside a virtual reality environment. The product is intended for video content creators, from vloggers to televisions or other video producers. The user is embodied by an avatar that takes over his gestures and movements through a set of VR, the application allowing environment customization, the interactions and special effects, the scenery can vary from scenes on the beach to the jungle or the planet Mars.
7 BOOKR Scale-up BOOKR decreases the risk of failed business appointments through a platform that allows companies to efficiently manage customer relationships, based on transparency, customizing appointments according to customer preferences and insights from data on cancelled appointments. BOOKR allows companies to organize virtual tours to attract and retain customers and provides analytics, operating on a subscription and recommendation basis.


8 Mediq Scale-up Mediq provides an automated medical imaging interpretation platform for the early, fast and accurate identification of AI-based cancerous tumours. The platform addresses the gap of qualified human resources in relation to the number of patients, facilitating the early start of treatments and increasing the time and space available to physicians.


9 CargoNet Start-up CargoNet provides a centralized freight planning and management platform, streamlining this component for customer companies by decreasing human error, transporting quantitatively optimized cargo and increasing scalability. CargoNet provides analytics, flexibility and works on a subscription basis.
10 Aéras   Aéras proposes a solution to the problem of apnea that prevents a restful sleep, through a digital monitoring device and a mobile application. The device is based on the oximeter built into a smart watch through systematic monitoring and prevents sleep quality problems, including snoring. The product will be available in a B2C and B2B model, in partnership with medical clinics, pharmaceutical distributors and insurance companies.


11 MedBot Spin-off MedBot streamlines the diagnosis of breast cancer and lung injury by automating the interpretation of medical images, based on CUSTOM-type machine learning models. MedBot automatically fills in patients’ medical records, digitizing them via OCR. MedBot will also integrate a chatbot to facilitate interaction with patients.
12 LUCY Start-up Lucy is a mobile device for monitoring cases of epilepsy for pets, and managing their condition through a related mobile application. Lucy allows people to provide care at the right time, detecting and interpreting different signals about the brain, muscles and heart to increase the alerts accuracy. The product will be offered through partnerships with veterinary clinics.


13 OptiCare Scale-up Opticare is a mobile application that allows ophthalmologists to test and diagnose vision problems remotely, using a mobile phone. Opticare facilitates the early detection of problems such as macular degeneration and thus decreases any treatment costs, increasing the quality of life. Opticare also offers a system for securely completing the patient’s medical record to centralize the results of lifelong consultations.


Qualified teams in the Innovation Labs 2021 Timisoara mentoring program

Number Team Type Description
1 Unconventional Republic of Advertising Scale-up Unconventional Republic of Advertising proposes a platform to facilitate the process of renting advertising space, by centralizing supply and demand. Thus, it is difficult to identify an advertising space corresponding to the needs of entrepreneurs and advertising agencies who want to promote their business in public places.
2 Virtual dispatcher Scale-up Virtual dispatcher provides an optimization and control solution for road transport companies. The proposed solution intends to decrease the inefficiencies of road freight transport resulting from refuelling and stationary needs. The developed system is based on a method of contextual analysis that allows the efficiency of transport through a virtual assistant, offering an application for the driver and an application for the dispatcher.
3 Multiplayer Puzzle Game Start-up Multiplayer Puzzle Game aims to create an online mobile application by which you can get involved with your friends in solving puzzle games. The product tries to provide new means of escape from everyday life by developing a collaborative game of virtual reconstruction of some images.
4 AIMinded Start-up AIMinded is developing a system for the automatic diagnosis of lung cancerous tumours, using an artificial intelligence algorithm. The product proposed by AIMinded comes to the support of specialists by facilitating the diagnosis and the determination of the necessary treatment scheme. Thus, AIMinded aims to decrease the resources needed for diagnosis and treatment in order to increase the chances of patients healing.
5 qToggle Scale-up qToggle offers an intelligent system for monitoring and controlling conditions in physical premises such as homes, offices and commercial premises. The proposed solution offers an Internet of Things system decreasing the waste of resources needed for the maintenance of such premises. Thus, qToggle offers a system allowing the efficiency of energy consumption in buildings by the possibility of real-time monitoring and control.
6 Save Me 🙂 Start-up Save Me offers a digital platform allowing restaurants to monetize food that is commonly wasted. Thus, Save Me aims to solve the global problem of wasted food, by developing a system that brings financial benefits to both restaurants, which can increase sales, and customers, who can buy food at a lower price.
7 VIDSPIRE Start-up VIDSPIRE proposes a solution for designing and implementing interactive, immersive and engaging video experiences. VIDSPIRE offers a new data-driven approach to creating digital experiences for interactive video content creators. The developed solution consists of a platform that allows the editing of interactive videos, the tokenization of intellectual property through a blockchain technology and the dissemination of interactive videos to interactive audiences.
8 VBoard Scale-up VBoard offers a product that facilitates the distance learning process for students and teachers. The proposed solution involves a virtual whiteboard compatible with existing digital communication platforms, which offers a superior experience on mobile devices, superior video and audio capabilities to the existing solutions, automatic generation of class materials and synchronized writing. Thus, VBoard aims to improve the online learning experience.
9 Electroconductive smart ink Spin-off Electroconductive smart ink develops an innovative electrically conductive paint based on materials with self-welding properties at low temperatures, leading to increased electrical conductivity and mechanical strength depending on temperature, in a specific range. The proposed solution thus provides a safer and more efficient mean for the development of biomedical sensors, EKG / ECG electrodes, flexible displays, touch screens and printed resistors.
10 ParkItNow Start-up ParkItNow is a mobile application that aims to help drivers of crowded cities, facing the emergency parking by blocking another car. The application sends a notification to its users phones as soon as the owner of the car they have blocked wants to leave.



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