2,300 CFR Freight employees, laid off


CFR Marfa (Freight), state railway carrier of Romania, has laid off 2,296 employees so far, most of the Banat – Oltenia branch (622), out of 2,500 people who are dismissed this year, according to information submitted by the company at the Mediafax request.
Currently, the company has 6,561 employees.
Until now there have been layoffs at branches of Muntenia – Dobrogea (570 employees), Transylvania (540 employees), Moldova (291 employees), Maintenance and Repair Coaches Center (207 emplyees) and central structure of CFR Freight (66 employees).
“The layoff process will end on the date of the last employee departure, targeted to be dismissed. Different situations may appear due to which collective redundancies do not have a specific deadline for completion (employees with individual labor contracts suspended for various reasons, employees who submitted retirement folder and it going to arrive the retirement decision),” CFR Freight representatives said.
Ministry of Transports asked, through a project recently launched in debate, this year’s CFR Freight budget rectification of revenue and expenses. The revised income is the same, namely RON 1.117 billion, but costs are higher by RON 58 million, because the collective redundancies started tardy.

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