4-year mandate managers to be recruited for Hidroelectrica, Romgaz, Nuclearelectrica

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In the next four months, the Ministry of Energy (ME) will start the recruitment procedures of professional managers, based on GEO 109/2011 on corporate governance in state-owned companies, a press release informs.

Thus, the ministry wanted to clarify certain information circulating in the public space on the proposals for management positions in Hidroelectrica, Nuclearelectrica and Romgaz, proposals that triggered debates on the professionalism of the candidates.

ME officials believe that a more correct approach would be to make a retrospective analysis of the performance of old members from the management structure to see whether the extension of their mandates would have been or not an optimal solution for the companies.

Ministry of Energy claims that has made this analysis and the data motivates not extending the mandates of the current members.

Ministry’s proposals announced for Hidroelectrica are Ioana-Andreea Lambru, Dorin-Liviu Nistoran, Gheorghe-Gabriel Gheorghe Laurentiu- Dan Tudor, Horia-Marian Gambuteanu and Andreea Negru-Ciobanu. According to Fondul Proprietatea (FP), one of Hidroelectrica’s shareholder, another interim Board instead of a longer-term Board appointed according to Law 111/2016 will only prolong the instability and unpredictability for the company for another four months, thus putting the company at greater risk.

As regards Nuclearelectrica, media discussions focused on the names of two persons proposed to occupy positions in the Board of Directors – Daniela Lulache and Bogdan Stanescu. The Ministry points out that these proposals were made by a minority shareholder of the energy producer. Other proposals are Robert Tudorache, Florin Tatar, Eva-Georgeta Andreas, Cristian-Romulus Anton, Cristian Gentea and Ionut Misa.

For Romgaz, the proposals for the Board of Directors are Bogdan-Nicolae Stan, Alexandru Chirila, Gheorghe-Gabriel Gheorghe and Virgil-Marius Metea. An argument for changing the current members of the Supervisory Board is represented by the investments that Romgaz are preparing, both on the electricity production using natural gas, as well as the gas storage in view of starting the exploitation in Black Sea perimeters, ME representatives said.

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