40 pc exports for Cluj based ‘La Colline’ goat dairy producer


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The Cluj Napoca based company Super Lactis, producer of the goat milk dairy brand ‘La Colline’, says it holds a market share of 25% on of the specific market, whereas its exports reach 40% of the production, ziardecluj.ro informs.

“We export between 30 and 40% of the production to Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Hungarians prefer the seasoned cheeses, to the Czech Republic and Slovakia we export the entire range of products:  yoghurt, kefir, mouldy cheese,” company’s CEO Ovidiu Spinu says.

Super Lactis registered in 2015 a turnover of RON 2.8 million (about EUR 620,000), down by 10% against the previous year, according to data published on the website of the Ministry of Finance. However, company representatives say that there has been an increase in business by 12% in 2015 against the previous year, as the data from the Finance Ministry can be explained by the fact that the 2013 operations were invoiced in 2014.

The company produces annually about 200 tons of diary from goat milk, yogurt, kefir and 21 types of cheese, sold by Carrefour, Cora, Auchan, Metro, Selgros and Mega Image. The milk comes from 25 farms in the region of Transylvania, small family businesses in partnership with the company.

Super Lactis was founded in 2005 in the village of Feleacu, Cluj County and has 18 employees.

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