500 employees to leave Ford Craiova


Almost 500 employees of Ford factory in Craiova will leave their jobs based on the voluntary layoff program. Initially the program was targeting 680 layoffs, but the automotive producer decided to have shorter working hours so that more layoffs should be avoided.

Ford informed on the layoffs in November last year, arguing they are run due to economic reasons. The action would affect 680 positions. Yet, later on Ford Romania and the factory’s trade unions came to terms to implement a depressed working program that would allow the company to keep other 170 employees.

Before the layoffs, 3,200 persons were working at Craiova Ford factory.

The American carmaker is producing B-Max model and EcoBoost fuel engine in Craiova. B-Max assembling was initiated mid 2012, the model being exclusively produced in Craiova and sold only on the European market.

B-Max production was halted for 40 days in the first nine months of 2014, and so did the engines division. The production was halted in 2013 as well for 35 days.

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