6 out of 10 Romanians to make at least one mobile online purchase by this year- end, study reads

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In the next six months, 6 out of 10 Romanians plan to make online purchases using their mobile phone, according to the “Online shopping on mobile phones” study requested by Cluj-based Blugento, a company specialized in providing e-commerce solutions.

The results of the study reveal the increasing importance of mobile devices in the online acquisition, with 4 out of 10 respondents saying they are shopping online each month and 3 out of 10 using their mobile phone or tablet for such transactions.

“We see an important change in consumer’s behavior amongst Romanian buyers and an alignment with global trends, many of the online shoppers using their mobile phone for purchases. However, almost half of online stores are not optimized for mobile, which is absolutely necessary to remain competitive in this industry, ” Sandu Babasan, CEO Blugento says. According to him, not having a mobile-optimized online store in an industry with so high competition means, most likely, that one-quarter of sales are lost.

According to the study, the smartphone has become indispensable for almost all Romanians, 9 out of 10 respondents saying they have such a device, and over 80 percent of them access websites directly from mobile phones.

The study shows that buying clothes ranks first in the top of Romanians’ preferences, followed by electronics, home appliances and cosmetics.

Those who use the mobile phone for online shopping believe they can make online transactions from their smartphone in a more accessible, convenient, and time-free manner.

As for the spent amounts, usually mobile phone buyers make online orders with values between RON 100 and RON 500 (5 out of 10).

The “Online shopping on mobile” study was conducted during June 1-30, 2017, on a sample of 2,875 major urban respondents.

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