69% Romanian office workers have a happy relationship with their workplace, survey says

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The Happiness Survey, conducted in 2019 by Mindspace, the boutique coworking provider for teams of all sizes, reveals the qualities a workplace should have for Romanians to fall in love with it.

According to the study, 69% Romanian office workers have a happy relationship with their workplace and have positive feelings about it: 9% say that they love going to their jobs and 60% that they like it. However, for the rest of them, the relationship is not going so good  – 26% neither love it nor hate it, while 5% dislike or despise going to work.

Wellness activities and natural sunlight, the secrets for a happy relationship

When it comes to the attributes that Romanian office workers most value in the workplace, the study clearly showed that they love to work in a space offering them a healthy environment. Wellness programs are the first ones in their top preferences, with 66% of them considering such activities to be very important. Natural sunlight is also essential, 50% of them saying it has a great impact on their mental wellbeing at work.

Other workplace attributes that can promote happiness at work are healthier furniture, appreciated by 37% of the office workers, and greenery, such as plants and trees, loved by 33% of them. Moreover, Romanian employees feel that their wellbeing is also influenced by the air quality, 30% saying they love good air quality at work, and also by the lightning, 22% saying how important it is for them to have good lightning during working hours.

It’s crucial that employees are in love with what they do and also with their workplace – it matters for the employees personally and also for the business. That’s why premium coworking provider Mindspace surveyed 5,000 office workers in 7 countries about their relationship with their workplace.

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