76 pc overall growth in online sales in 2021. The sectors with the most spectacular increases


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Entrepreneurs who have relied on eCommerce have had the most to win in the last 18 months, because of changes in the consumption behaviour of Romanians. Thus, the number of orders between January and September 2021 increased by 54% compared to the previous year, while the value of placed orders increased by 76% YOY, according to MerchantPro, the platform that offers SaaS solutions for eCommerce.

Analysing sales on over 1,500 stores created on the local eCommerce platform, the most active retail segments were fashion & accessories, IT & electronics, sports and home & deco, where the growth reached up to 190%.

May was the most dynamic month in terms of orders comparing the first 9 months of the year. By fields, in the first part of the year, most orders registered the stores in the home & deco segment, painting and art, jewellery and handicrafts, and with the arrival of summer, orders increased in the segments of sports, IT and electronics, fashion and accessories, beauty and health.

The online market dynamics, which remains high, even if almost 2 years have passed since the beginning of the pandemic, confirms that we are heading towards the digitalization of consumption habits. The difference will be made by the consumer experience on the site, from browsing, ordering and diversified payment methods to delivery, return and marketing policy. Consumers frequently change their favourite stores if they do not find the products they want, a fair price, a fast delivery or simply a positive experience. on the site. That is why the optimized solutions make the difference, harmonized with the current consumer’s need to receive maximum satisfaction with each purchase, said Arthur Radulescu, Founder & CEO MerchantPro.

Field analysis: positive dynamic on almost all verticals.

Home & Deco, Electronics & Home Appliances, Sporting Goods, this year’s stars

Compared to the previous year, the largest increase was registered in the value and number of orders on the IT & Electronics segment, almost a tripling (+ 194%) in the value of registered orders, respectively 159% increase in their number, MerchantPro data show.

Orders in the Home & Deco segment almost doubled compared to 2020 (+ 95%), while the value of registered orders increased by 126%.

The number of orders for sporting goods increased this year by 57%, while the increase in the value of orders was 85%. On the fashion & accessories segment, 42% more orders were registered, a percentage maintained at the value level of orders

The highest value of the average basket was registered on the IT & Electronics segment, of 156 euros, increasing by 14% compared to the same period in 2020. The average value of orders on the Home & Deco segment registered a similar dynamic, with an increase of 15%. in the period January-September 2021 at 119 euros.

In Fashion & Accessories, there is a stagnation in the average order, at 30 euros. The average order for sporting goods, however, had an increase of 18%, up to 82 euros.

Digitization of small businesses

The pandemic also led to the transition to online and many small local businesses in the area of ​​handicrafts and jewellery, a digitization that would have taken place at a slower pace in a normal context. The move led to spectacular figures, at the level of stores in these segments, even tripling in the number and value of orders.

We are witnessing the digitalization of local, family businesses, an important step for increasing the productivity and performance of small entrepreneurs. In the coming months we will see sharp increases in online sales in the shops of local artisans, designers, and creators – considers Arthur Radulescu.

An active summer in eCommerce

In general, the growth is sustained and continuous, not being majorly influenced by seasonality.

Between June and August 2021, respectively the summer months when there is usually a decrease in the e-commerce area, at the level of stores on the MerchantPro platform there was an increase of 49% in the number of orders year over year, respectively an increase of 66 % in their value.

Thus, during the summer, the verticals Fashion & Accessories and Sporting Goods had increases of 50%, respectively 65% ​​from the value perspective. Jewellery sales at MerchantPro stores increased 73%, while Home & Deco figures doubled.

The affinity for online shopping has been maintained this summer, there have been unexpected increases in most areas. Probably the end of the year, marked by the most important shopping events and the gift period, will bring even more accentuated increases. The online will remain a retail superstar in the coming months – adds Arthur Radulescu, CEO and founder of MerchantPro.

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