783 localities to be connected to the internet by year end

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No less than 783 localities throughout Romania will be connected to the internet by the end of 2015 following the extension of the distribution network by almost 4,900 km, the Ministry for Informational Society informed on Thursday.

The broadband internet connection of the 783 localities will be implemented through the Ro-NET project (structural funds). The project is to be co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development and it is worth RON 377,838,279.59 of which the non-reimbursable assistance amounts to RON 252,281,871.95.

Ro-NET is to be carried out over 11 months and aims at building a national broadband communication infrastructure to supply electronic communication services for disadvantaged areas. Ro-NET will cover 783 localities out of the 2,268 localities identified as being on ‘white areas’ where operators have no intention to invest. The ‘beneficiaries’ will be 130,000 households in urban and rural areas with 400,000 inhabitants, some 8,500 companies and 2,800 public institutions.

Minister Sorin Ghindeanu said the project is of top importance, being also a priority also for the European Commission.

Following the auction, Telekom Communications and Telekom Mobile will implement the backhaul type infrastructure until December 31, 2015. For 18 months the companies will assure operation and maintenance of the network.

The European Commission approved in November 2014 the financial contribution for the Ro-NET project amounting to EUR 85.6 million.

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