A new spa in the Danube Delta opened this year


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A new spa in the Danube Delta – the Lebada Luxury Resort & Spa hotel added a small jewel spa on the banks of the Danube, next to the spa complex opened with the hotel two years ago. The previous complex included indoor and outdoor pool, saunas, Technogym fitness studio, spacious seating areas, bars and spa terraces. The owners have added a 4-cabinet spa separate from the previous center and an infinity pool, both on the banks of the Danube.

The property is located in the Danube Delta nature reserve, on the Sulina arm, near Crisan, being renovated following an investment of over 20 million euros.

The hotel offers over 200 accommodation places in double, single rooms and bungalows on the banks of the Danube, Wi-Fi, 3 restaurants (Pride-specific international, Le Fouad-Lebanese and a Cherhana), club and relaxation areas.

Up the River draws its energy from the unaltered soul of old Dobrogea, being a complete wellness area in the Danube Delta, with gardens and waters around the spa.

  • 4 treatment rooms ● 1 treatment room for couples, overlooking the Danube ● organic spa products Ila ● relaxation room with hydromassage on the deck ● boutique spa ● infinity pool on the Danube bank ● 1 gazebo for massage in nature ● detox center ● swimming pool and indoor thermal area ● fitness room

Up the River Spa is the investment of the businessmen Constantin Capatana and Iulian Robu, the developers of Militari Residence.

Up the River Spa had a soft-opening in April 2021 at the Lebada Hotel in the Danube Delta. A concept perfectly adapted to the hotel’s public, the spa proved to be a success, during the three months of operation already having hundreds of guests delighted by the experience. At the same time, the hotel added a highly regarded Lebanese restaurant, El Fouad.

The prices of the therapies start from 150 RON for a 30-minute massage and go up to 550 RON for a 2-hour ritual ritual, these being also the guests’ favorites. The Master Detox program, coordinated by the experienced Mustafa Ayca is 1666 euro / 5 days.

Ila therapies offer an oasis to reconnect with inner peace and joy, offering rituals beyond the usual spa experience. Ila therapies and products are present only at the best wellness centers in the world: Ananda in the Himalayas, Four Seasons or Ritz hotels.

The Ila experience fuses modern techniques with Ayurvedic and Asian traditions for deep levels of emotional and spiritual relaxation through mind, body and senses – from marble therapies to meridian healing and tapping, Tibetan therapies, purification of aura and space with Palo Santo, products lush organics. Asian therapists, coming from Nepal and Sri Lanka, ensure linearity, having a deep cultural understanding of these rituals.

The Up the River Spa signature collection of treatments includes Rituals-Blessing, each dedicated to an emotion and a chakra. Therapies are named Pachamama (Blessing of the Earth) or Offering of the Benevolent Heart, including fumigations with resins and incense, purifying the room with Palo Santo and chanting Buddhist healing mantras, accompanied by a crystal bowl, cocoa reunion ceremony, massage techniques in Tibetan line, oils for balancing the chakras and meridians, with therapeutic degree.

“This is the first time that ILA arrives in Romania, the brand created by Denise Leicester being a happy intertwining of Ayurveda, aromatherapy, sound healing-healing through sounds, holistic therapy and spiritual philosophy. My specialty is to create concepts that merge both with the specifics of the place and with what we can have as resources, especially human resources. I knew that due to the complexity of the protocols, I needed therapists who had already been raised in this tradition and had a long time to train them. We had the ideal beneficiaries: they wanted a premium spa and that’s what they got. The level of therapists is hard to match; Ambassadors, connoisseurs have already passed through the spa and come out of rituals amazed, excited, transformed,” said Oana Manole, d’Or Consulting.

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