A Romanian to run Pfizer’s Regional Compliance operations in 20 countries

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Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer appointed Romanian Nadia Comanescu Regional Compliance Lead for Western Europe, as a press release informs.

She will coordinate from London the implementation of Pfizer’s compliance program with its legislation and regulations in 20 countries, including Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece and Switzerland.

Comanescu has a 6 years experience as Regional Compliance Lead EME, Russia, Turkey& India- EURIT.

From this new position, the Romanian will work with the Regional Management Team and the Compliance Division to initiate, guide and coordinate the creation and implementation of policies, procedures and programs that will help all Pfizer divisions in Western Europe to work in full consensus with the legislation in force and the company’s integrity rules.

Nadia Comanescu has over 16 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry and works for Pfizer since 2006.

She has run this department for five years, coordinating Pfizer’s Compliance Division as Regional Compliance Lead for Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Russia, Turkey and India.

At end-October 2016, Pfizer has appointed Mirela Iordan as Country Manager for Romania, being the first woman to lead company’s operations on the local market.

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