About 500,000 Romanian employees to work from home for at least 2 months

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Roughly 500,000 employees in Romania will work from home at least for 2 months. There are mainly those working in IT, telecommunications, outsourcing, consultancy or financial services, reads a Creasoft analysis released on Monday.

According to Creasoft, an IT solution company, the employees of the “white collar” sectors will work from home for at least two months from now on.

The company’s founder, Adrian Dinu, explains that there is currently a growing demand for IT solutions for mobile timesheet. “At this point, which is a crisis, more jobs can be converted in a remote system, allowing people to use the mobile timesheet. Until then, this facility was mostly used to check employees doing fieldwork. We have customers who are checking, for instance, the activity of some salesmen anytime they were getting out from a meeting with a client/partner, either regularly, or every half hour. But now, timesheet have also extended to the employees working from home“, Dinu said.

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