About 90 pc of the office space in Bucharest is for rent

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88 percent of the office space in Bucharest is for rent. The situation is similar in Cluj, where only 30 percent of the properties are for sale, Wizmo.ro and RE/MAX Grup de Lux analysis shows.

According to Wizmo.ro data, the average rental price of the office space is EUR 9.62/sqm in Bucharest, EUR 9.53/sqm in Cluj and EUR 7.54/sqm in Iasi, the prices of spaces varying depending on the facilities, location, services and, most importantly, the office class to which it belongs.

Maarten Deboo, CEO Wizmo.ro said that over 40,000 properties are published on Wizmo.ro currently, 1,050 of which are offices.

In addition to rent, the maintenance costs are also charged for spaces located in business centers. For buildings in Cluj-Napoca, for example, these costs are between EUR 1 – 3/sqm of rental space.

In general, the administrative costs are regularly adjusted in the “open book” system.

”Given that the ultimate goal is to identify that space which provides accommodation for a certain number of workstations (and of course, a reasonable margin of extension), the most important aspect is not the rent per square meter, but the rent per workstation,” Alina Berghian, Sales Associate RE/MAX Grup de Lux explained.

First of all, the recommendation of real estate specialists is to take into account the fact that each employee needs about 10 square meters.

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