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Two years ago, a report forecast that, by 2020, 83 percent of enterprise workloads will be in the Cloud. This fact isn’t surprising taking into consideration the many advantages that Cloud services provide: ample storage space, flexibility and mobility – as it enables users to work from anywhere and minimize the risk-, easy automation and probably the biggest attraction, serious costs savings. The number of businesses that are moving their data and applications to the Cloud has been increasing rapidly in the past years. But to gain all these advantages you need an anchor partner with experience.

We know what your business needs in order to get the most functional services available. Moreover, we know that the key to competitive differentiation and success, is to ensure your Cloud investment can support tomorrows business challenges. Whether you’re a firm believer in the benefits of the Cloud or you’ve just begun looking into it, our Cloud services are bound to prove significant enough to impress.

Who are we? We are InCrys, 500+ projects, 16 years long partnerships and 20 years excellence in running mission-critical systems. We support our clients throughout the project lifecycle from consultation to implementation and ongoing management. InCrys develops an ecosystem of integrated technologies – solution development services, Cloud services, managed services. Let’s explore together our Cloud services.

  1. Cloud Strategy and Architecture. You need a strong Cloud Strategy and Architecture Review to help your business move towards a more agile method of service improvement. We help you to be ready for the migration, we assist you through the changeover.
  2. Workloads Assessment. Examining, comparing, determining are the key words to improve delivery and reduce spending enable and accelerate Cloud adoption. Together we’ll explore your organization’s current environment and prioritize focus areas, building a solid foundation for Cloud adoption.
  3. Workloads Migration is for cost reduction, scalability, optimized performance and regulatory compliance. We find the solution that’s best for your business.
  4. Platform as a service (PaaS). A perfect service to quickly change your business needs through Cloud solutions. Our high-quality specialists are focused on taking away the tension of infrastructure. enabling your company to maximise all the potential advantages they can receive from Cloud services. PaaS works together with Saas (Software as a Service)
  5. Software as a Service (SaaS). With our SaaS you can forget about software performance interruptions and unavailability. We choose the model that best suits your business requirements, functionality and integration with other business systems.
  6. Microservices. If you need agility and velocity, you need microservices – because they make testing easier. Each unit is a self-contained individual service and you only need to test the ones that change.
  7. Legacy App migration & Refactoring. Just 6 simple steps for a smoother transition and a successful legacy app migration: conduct a software audit, get the team onboard, evaluate all microservices, get your app ready, develop your phased migration plan, migrate your legacy app to the Cloud.

First get your Cloud journey and then we’ll get you where you want to be. At the end, you’ll embrace the Cloud with confidence.

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