Aforti Finance, providing financing to SMEs, enters the IFN register of BNR, ready to start operations in Romania

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Aforti Finance Romania IFN S.A. announced that it will enter the register of the non-banking financial institutions of the National Bank of Romania (BNR) and is thus ready to begin operations in Romania as a fully-fledged lender. Aforti Finance is part of AFORTI – a Polish financial capital group, of which the leader, Aforti Holding, is listed on the NewConnect market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The Group is already present in Romania through the fintech Aforti Exchange, an online currency exchange platform for SMEs that begun its operations in October 2017.

Aforti Finance Romania was established in Bucharest in April 2018, in line with the general strategy of Aforti Capital Group to continue the development of the financial group and expand geographically throughout the CEE region. Romania is the first foreign market where Aforti Finance will begin its operations, to be followed by Bulgaria as well as other countries in the sub-region of South-Eastern Europe.

The loan services offered by Aforti Finance in Romania will be addressed to companies looking for optimal forms of financing their development plans, individual entrepreneurs with ongoing activity, as well as for entrepreneurs who are accumulating capital for launching their start-up businesses.

In the first turn, following the model already implemented in Poland, Aforti Finance will establish a call center, through which specialized consultants will service the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises from all sectors and industries. In the next stage, the company envisions opening branches across the country as well as focusing on developing the external distribution channels.

The operations of Aforti Finance will be managed from Aforti’s headquarters in Poland, but the on-going operations will be assured by the presence of a dedicated team on the ground, in Bucharest. The management board as well as the supervisory board of Aforti Finance Romania is already in place and it is composed of experts having significant experience from the Romanian market as well as professionals being associated with Aforti in Poland.

We are satisfied with the results accomplished by Aforti Exchange in the first 12 months of operations in Romania and we are confident that the entry of Aforti Finance on the Romanian market will further strengthen our position as well as recognition on the local market. We see many opportunities for growth as the Romanian economy is still growing rapidly and the business environment is fairly robust.  Nevertheless, access to capital can be hindered for local entrepreneurs. We consider that SME financing is a potent niche in Romania and we have the ambition to differentiate ourselves from other players, by offering a wide spectrum of financial services, which altogether constitute a valuable package of services for the entire business and economic environment in Romania”, said Klaudiusz Sytek, Chairman of the Board at Aforti Holding.

Aforti is present in Romania since October 2017. The Group does not exclude the possibility of further expanding its operations in Romania by introducing other brands from its products portfolio, which include, inter alia, factoring services or debt recovery as well as expanding into other financial services areas.

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