African swine fever: EU Commissioner for Agriculture announces financial aid to help Romanian farmers

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Phil Hogan, the European Commissioner for Agriculture has met PM Dancila at Victoria Palace in Bucharest on Thursday, stating that the detection system of the African swine fever is working well, while announcing financial actions to help Romanian farmers cope with the virus.

He said that the fact over 800 outbreaks have been detected shows that the detection system in Romania is working well. „Considering that over 71% of pigs on singular household are in Romania, it is very hard to take measures and implement them. Of course, besides control, surveillance and intervention, we also consider financial measures to help farmers in these situations, so that they get over it,” Hogan said, adding that the EC will allot EUR 2 million for the veterinary health aid and more help will come in terms of rural development.

The commissioner also said the EC will endorse Romania in its fight against ASF by implementing measures to monitor and detect the virus, veterinary services and research. Hogan informed that he would allot EUR 10 M in research next year to find a vaccine against the African swine fever.

In a joint press conference, Romanian PM Viorica Dancila has asked for the European Commission’s financial and technical  help to reduce the impact of the African swine fever.

The European aid is very important to Romania, considering the share the agriculture has within the domestic economy,” said Dancila, while presenting the Agriculture commissioner the government actions in the agriculture sector, including that it is the first time that subsidies for agriculture are granted. „We intend to have two million hectares irrigated in the upcoming two years and we also presented the actions to develop the national anti-hail system,” the Romanian PM added.

On the other hand, Dancila stated that Romania is opposing the proposal of mandatory capping of the agricultural subsidies which it „would seriously affect” the competitive farms.

New outbreak in Galati county

A new outbreak of the African swine fever, the eleventh, has been tracked down in Rogojeni village in Galati county on Thursday, with authorities deciding that all 90 pigs in the village to be preventively slaughtered.

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