Agency promoting Romanian products to be set up

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Agriculture minister Daniel Constantin on Thursday heralded a new body promoting Romanian products. The agency is to be set up based on the public-private partnership aiming to support the Romanian producers’ access to the domestic and foreign markets.

“Romania needs to find new outlet markets. First, it is a challenge for us to regain the domestic market, but, along with the consumption’s relaunch and the increasing purchasing power, we also need to expand on other markets. Such an agency could come to Romanian products and producers’ help,” minister Constantin told a press release.

For now the public-private partnership law is not functional, so the new body promoting Romanian products will have to wait until it gets operational.

The strategy for agri-food sector development on medium and long term stipulates that processed product exports should reach 80 percent by 2030 after the opening of new markets for the Romanian agri-food products.

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