Agriculture Minister Irimescu shocks, admitting irregularities in the industry

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Romania is a tenth-hand market where expired goods from abroad are brought, is the shocker statement of the Agriculture Minister Achim Irimescu, in an interview with the According to him, there are cases in Romania where the salami is washed with vinegar; cheese’s brine it’s changed and then the cheese is put on sale again.

“The state is not doing its duty, the National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC) is not doing it. Others control what enters in Romania, why not to control what we receive from others?!” Irimescu asks rhetorically.

He exemplified the case of  inappropriate North Sea fish imports, which Romania receives without being gutted. Thus, the product is cheaper and this although good part of the fish is contaminated with certain specific worms.

During winter, only 30 percent of food is produced in Romania, which is very serious. I can not agree that Romania can not ensure the food. “European Union is a just an economic matter, it’s a unique market where the best resists. I can not block them (importers – ed. note), but I can check them, even if the European market,” the minister said.

Regarding rural area, he claims that the Romanian agriculture is weak because its past is confused. According to him, the communism has destroyed property and initiative. “Yes, I believe that rural areas can be saved,” Irimescu noted. “How? By supporting the middle class in the villages!”

The Minister said that the government plans to provide free of charge five hectares to young people who want to work in agriculture, a program that would allow Romanians up to 40 years to set up a start-up in agribusiness.

Regarding the row at the Bradet dairy plant, the minister said that the factory will not have ‘big problems’, instead those affected will be milk suppliers which he considers them guiltless.

After completing his mandate, Achim Irimescu says he will return to Brussels where he worked from 1998 to 2012 in several positions (counselor, head of Agriculture section) as Romania’s representative at the Special Committee on Agriculture within the European Council.

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