Agriculture Ministry delays to enforce the food waste law

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Agriculture Ministry delays to enforce the law on food waste by the year-end. Meanwhile, a working group will draft a regulatory document to be enforceable both technically and legally.

“The current form of the law is not enforceable! It will make more harm than good! We have come to this conclusion following debates with the representatives of the foodstuff sector and experts in the field,” reads a post on the ministry’s website.

The Romanian Chamber of Deputies has passed a law that stipulates countering food waste, by asking local retailers to donate unwanted but safe food close to its expiry date to charitable institutions, such as NGOs, foundations or foster homes or asylums, or sell it at reduced prices. Breaking the law may be sanctioned up to RON 10,000 fines.

The law on diminishing food waste enacted in November 2016 has become applicable on May 21st this year. Law 217/2016 applies to all entities in the food industry and contains progressive measures aimed at preventing food waste.

France and Italy also passed decisive legislative action against food waste last year. EU member states are under pressure to meet a 2030 waste target as awareness about the implications of food waste grows.


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