Airbus considers suspending the project of the helicopter plant in Ghimbav

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Airbus has announced its intention to put on hold the project of making helicopters at the Ghimbav plant in Brasov, accusing Romania of lack of interest.

Airbus has already invested EUR 10 million in the construction of the factory, but now they intend to drop any plans. They warned that they might relocate the plant in other country if no agreement is reached with the future Government.

Olivier Michalon, Senior Vice President – Head of Europe at Airbus Helicopters, said that they had been patient about Romania’s ordering H215M helicopters, but they had run out of patience.

Airbus inaugurated the plant in Ghimbav in 2016 in the view of producing H215M helicopters following the Romanian state’s pledge to come up with a consistent order. Airbus announced three years ago that a firm order from Romania is needed for at least 16 helicopters to kick off the production.

However, Romania replied it can only order 5-7 helicopters, which is not justifying the investment, the Airbus representatives argue.

“Unfortunately it is a failed chance for Romania. We decided to suspend the project”, said Olivier Michalon, adding that at the moment of the investment there were other three countries in the region interested to host this factory, but Airbus chose Romania.

Airbus Helicopters, the helicopter manufacturing division of French giant Airbus Group, used to announced in 2017 it will open a Centre of Excellence in Romania for H215 Puma helicopters production.

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