Alesonor launches Amber Forest, the first green suburb in Romania


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Alesonor, the developer of the green residential complex Amber Gardens, obtained the PUZ for the first complete suburb – Amber Forest. The first green suburb in Romania, Amber Forest, includes over 500 green villas and 200 green apartments, developed on 31 hectares, with only 15% of the built area, with the lowest land use coefficient.

The suburb of Amber Forest will have complete, high quality infrastructure, school, kindergarten and after-school, with over 5.3 hectares for parks and green spaces, grounds and gyms, running tracks and bicycles, spa and fitness room, supermarket, market, bakery, restaurants, cafe, pharmacy, polyclinic, co-working space with conference rooms, as well as direct access to Băneasa forest, the largest forest around Bucharest.

With over 18 years of experience in the residential field and successfully completing the first green housing community in Romania, Amber Gardens, Alesonor starts the first green suburb in Romania, an investment estimated at 110 million euros.

Developed 14 km from Victoriei Square, on an area of ​​31 hectares, Amber Forest will have an opening of approx. 1 km to the Băneasa forest and stands out through a unique master plan: with 85% free construction land, the project has the lowest land use coefficient, being dominated by green spaces and low-rise buildings.

We extend the forest, bringing it in the middle of the ecosystem we are developing, just 14 km from Victoriei Square. In addition to the facilities needed for a complete community – school, kindergarten, polyclinic, supermarket, restaurants, co-working hub – we have 5.3 hectares for park and green areas, playgrounds, sports fields, bike paths and running. We will also plant over 75,000 trees and shrubs inside the Amber Forest suburb,” said Alex Skouras, Managing Partner of Alesonor.

The Amber Forest community offers several types of green villas (starting from 2 bedrooms), which meet the multiple preferences and needs of space and budget, as well as green apartments, in low P+2+r buildings, being the first homes in Romania which complies with the NZEB energy standard, imposed by the European Union since 2021. Respecting the same quality standard as the Amber Gardens villas, the new villas and apartments are quality, durable constructions with modern design, integrating state-of-the-art technologies and smart home. Thus, Amber Forest homes are accessible through the green mortgage loan, a loan specially designed by financial institutions to support the purchase of green, energy-efficient villas and apartments.

With Amber Gardens we have revolutionized the way a house is built, and now we intend to revolutionize the way a community is developed. A complete community offers you the opportunity to have balanced relationships with family, friends, neighbors who share the same values ​​and with whom you can spend free time on sports fields or in the park with children. We are glad that we can offer the possibility of a new lifestyle in a complete community, to as many families as possible“, continued Alex Skouras Managing Partner Alesonor.

Amber Forest is developed in the Tunari area, which has multiple investment advantages over other residential areas in the north: Tunari is the only residential area in the north of Bucharest that has quick access to the ring road of the city, DN1, Pipera-Tunari road, highway A3 and Henry Coanda Airport. Infrastructure under development, existing utility network, urban plan and reduced fees for green residential buildings in Tunari commune, public transport, expansion of northern business centers, network of schools and popular kindergartens, both public and private, recreation centers, the nearby Băneasa forest, demonstrates the long-term development potential of the area and are indications for increasing the value of investments.

„Having the experience of successful development of the Amber Gardens residential complex in Tunari commune, we chose to continue investing in a representative project – the first green suburb in Romania, the same area that has the greatest potential for long-term development, in terms of administrative and positioning,” said Alex Skouras, Managing Partner Alesonor.

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