Algeria, interested in the offers of IOR, Avioane Craiova and Romaero


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Algeria is interested in the products and services offered by the companies in the Ministry of Economy portfolio, activating in the defense industry, a press release informs.

It is the main conclusion of the mixed economic mission, recently conducted in Algeria, under the coordination of the Secretary of State for Defense Industry of the Ministry of Economy, Ion Radu, at the invitation of the African Ministry of National Defense, the statement reads.

According to Ministry of Economy, it was  a public-private Romanian delegation which promoted the offers of Romarm companies (Cugir Arms Factory and Moreni Mechanical Plant), Aerostar Bacau, Interactive Systems & Business Consulting, as well as employers’ associations PATROMIL (defense industry) and OPIAR (aeronautical industry).

Ion Radu also met with high officials and heads of departments (logistics, purchasing, IT) from the Algerian Ministry of Defense, the Air Force Command, as well as the Minister of Industry and Mines and the Minister of Commerce respectively. The Algerian Government and companies were very interested in the offers of IOR, Avioane Craiova and Romaero, which are in the portfolio of the Romanian Ministry of Economy.

”There is a potential for cooperation between the two countries that can be exploited at a higher level through business contracts in areas such as: the production and maintenance of military equipment, especially armored wheeled and tracked vehicles, as well as military and civilian aircrafts, the production of weapons and ammunition for infantry, the integration of communications systems,” Gheorghe Simon, Minister of Economy, said.

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