Almost 40 pc of Romanian businesses run by women

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Almost 40 percent of Romanian businesses are run by women, as owners or as majority stakeholders, a study conducted by KeysFin shows.

The study also reveals that Romanian businesswomen are aged 35 to 50, live in the city and have university education. Most of them are living in Bucharest, Cluj, Constanta, Timis and Bihor.

Most of the Romanian lady entrepreneurs are performing in the trade sector, especially in food and clothing businesses. Advisory, accounting, financial audit, bars, pharmacy and even constructions are racing for top ten, with beauty salons ranking nine.

Businesses involving women reached over RON 71 billion last year, representing 22 percent of the total 400,000 companies surveyed by KeysFin.

At the same time, women are keep prevailing in Romania. According to the National Institute of Statistics’ recent data issued on International Women’s Day, 51.1 percent of the total population of 19,947,300 million inhabitants are women. 44 percent of the Romanian women were economically active. 26.3 percent are working in agriculture, forestry and fishing, 18.2 pc worked in trade and services, 17.1 percent as specialists in various fields, 5.9 pc were administrative clerks, etc. Only 1.4 pc of the total female population were assimilated to the legislative and executive bodies or to the high ranking positions in public administration.

As for the education, 20.3 pc of the Romanian women were registered as having university education, 37 percent were high school graduates, 11.2 pc graduated vocational schools and 4.5 pc graduated post-secondary schools.

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