Almost 8 million Romanians play video games


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7.9 million Romanians play video games on smartphones, PCs, consoles or tablets, according to a public study on the Romanians’ relation with video games, conducted by the Association of the Video Games Developers in Romania (RGDA) and revealed at Dev.Play 2020 due on November 3-4.

The study, entitled “The video game users from Romania”, reveals which are the most popular platforms used by the Romanian game lovers, how much they pay for each platform, where and why they play.

“Video games are no longer a marginal phenomenon, if we consider the global figures revealing that the video game industry has exceeded in value the music or film industries altogether. The popularity of the games in Romania is very high, especially casino games and site where gamers can get various bonuses and good offers (…) and RGDA is coming as a first with significant data that show how many Romanians are playing video games,” said Cătălin Butnariu, RGDA president.

Among those almost 8 million Romanian video game players aged from 15 to 64, 52% are men and 48% women. 39% of the adult players have higher education (faculty or postgraduate studies), while 48% of them are married or in a consensual union.

A user is playing on 2-3 devices on the average. The most popular platforms used by Romanians are the mobile phone (64%), PC/laptop (60%), tablets (20%) and consoles (15.5%). 14.3% of the Romanians are playing online games and 6.7% on social media.

45% of the respondents say they are paying for the games, while 55% are downloading them from torrents. Those why buy the games are doing it in online stores (63%), offline stores (53%) or second hand (27%).

Out of those who use the console, 48% use Playstation 4.18% Xbox One, 10% Playstation 3 and 9% Nintendo Switch.  68% of the console users are paying RON 46 per month.

The survey has also revealed the Romanians’ gaming motivations and preferences. 7 in 10 players just want to relax after a long day, while for 5 in 10 the video games are a hobby. 40% play to get rid of boredom, while 30% do it to learn something new.

Almost all respondents play games at home, 21% at their friends’ places and 15% in the transport means.

Multiplayer games are preferred by 53% of the respondents, followed by single player ones (47%). As for the type of the games, the adventure ones top the ranking (54%), strategy games come second (51%) and first person shooter games rank third (47%).

The study has disclosed 6 typologies of Romanian game players: the ambitious player, the multitasking player, the patient player, the rational player, the relaxed player and the one in a hurry.

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