Almost 90pc of the Romanians’ incomes, gone into taxes and current expenditure in 2018

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More than half of the Romanian population’s current expenditure last year were allotted to consumption, meaning food, beverage, non-food items or payment for services, while 31.5% of the expenditure represented taxes and contributions to the state, according to the latest data released by the National Institute of Statistics (INS) on Thursday.

The total monthly average income was, in nominal terms, 4,251 lei per household and 1,631 lei per person in 2018.
Also last year, the total monthly average expenditure of the population was 3,667 lei per household (1,407 lei per person), accounting for 86.2% of the total income.

The money income was 3,920 lei monthly, on average, per household (1,504 lei per person) and the in-kind income was 331 lei monthly per household (127 lei per person).

The salaries and other related income were the most important source of income (67.2% of the total household income).

The income from social benefits (18.7%), the agricultural income (1.9%), the income from independent non-agricultural activities (2.2%) and the property and household asset sale income (1.1%). The in-kind income also has an important weight (7.8%), mainly the equivalent value of the consumption of agro-food products from own resources (6.4%) were the ones that made up the total household income.

The main uses of the household expenditure were the consumption of food goods and non-food goods, payment of services and the transfers towards public and private administration and towards the social insurance budgets as taxes, contributions and dues as well as to cover certain needs related to household production (animals and poultry feed, payment for work on household production, products for sowing, veterinary services etc.).

The expenditure on investments, intended for purchasing or building dwellings, purchasing land and equipment required by household production, purchasing shares etc., has a small weight in the total household expenditure (only 0.5%).

According to the standard classification of the consumption expenditure by use (COICOP), food and non-alcoholic beverages accounted, on average, for 33.3% of household consumption in 2018. Alcoholic beverages and tobacco counted for 8.2% and clothing and footwear for 7.4%.

Dwelling, water, electricity, gas and other fuels represented 16.2% of the total household expenses and furnishings and dwelling equipment and maintenance -5.8%. 5% went into healthcare and 7.2% into transport.

The lowest amount of money in the Romanian households went into communications (4.8%), recreation and culture (4.6%), hotel &restaurants (1.9%) and education (only 0.9%).

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