AmCham: Romania must continue its fight against corruption and respect for the rule of law


The American Chamber of Commerce in Romania (AmCham Romania) calls in a press release on Friday for constructive dialogue and substantiated consultations with all relevant actors, for the balance of powers within the state, independence of justice, increasing the capacity of good governance and combating corruption and abuse of power.

In AmCham’s view, Romania’s transformation and the strengthening of its strategic position must be founded on solid basis, such as avoiding any political, economic, justice and media interference, the release of arbitrary filters operation, resolution of major cases of corruption and tax evasion, without abuse and inappropriate influences, with emphasis on the conditions of legality, effective and timely recovery of damages and prevention.

At the same time, curbing corruption, which remains a serious and direct threat to national security and a major obstacle to the development of Romania by capturing and wasting critical resources at the expense of strategic national projects, that the country badly needs in order to close the gaps in key areas for both the society and the economy, is imperative.

AmCham Romania also points out that a stronger structural reforms and consistent and unbiased law enforcement measures, the elimination of institutional distortions, the misappropriation of institutional tools and mechanisms from their legal and constitutional purpose and mandate are also required.

”It is necessary that state institutions act within the limits of their constitutional parameters, observing the democratic values, through real public consultations and constructive institutional dialogue within a reasonable amount of time for all interested parties,” the Commerce Chamber release reads.

Towards, the transparent debate on the justice law package, based on modern policies and good practices in the field is considered one of the priorities for Romania, along with a structural reshaping and modernization of systemic institutional mechanisms through the establishment of effective instruments of democratic control and equilibrium that guarantee the separation of power within the state, ensuring autonomy, ethics and integrity in order to protect the general interest.

Ensuring an independent and effective justice within the constitutional framework, free of partisan interference, politicization and enclaves, is also a must in AmCham Romania’s  view.

This comes after the Justice Minister, Tudorel Toader, presented on Wednesday the amendments proposed for the laws on the judges and prosecutors statute, on the Superior Council of Magistracy and on the judicial organization.

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