Amira chatbot, created on DRUID technology, to boost sales agents’ productivity in agribusiness


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Agrii Romania, one of the distributors of inputs in Romania, provider of Intelligence and Innovation for local agribusiness, announced the launch of the Amira chatbot, to facilitate the work of sales agents in providing information about hybrids, active substances, and specific products used by farmers. The Amira solution is developed in collaboration with DRUID, a leader in conversational technology.

Amira is integrated with the collaborative MS Teams platform and acts as a search engine in the database for the sales agents. Thus, over 200 sales agents get immediate responses about plant protection products, seeds, producer prices, as well as detailed reports.

Amira makes recommendations based on specific requirements or historical information. For instance, for a corn crop, Amira displays the hybrid options offered by the producers and, after selecting the desired brand, communicates the standard price and payment options. All proposals take into account the crop, sowing rules for each variety, active substances or concentrations. Moreover, the sales agent has the possibility to offer on the spot a discount to speed up the sales process.

Amira marks an important moment in the evolution of Agrii Romania, through the speed and efficiency it brings to our colleagues. Reality forces us to focus on digitalization and quick access to information, for a superior interaction with our customers. After only two months from the implementation, 200 users actively communicate with Amira”, says Monalisa Ungureanu, CEO of Agrii Romania.

“Amira means the first step for DRUID in the agribusiness sector. I am happy to discover such a high-tech company, eager to adopt an avant-garde conversational AI solution. I believe in a strong positive impact from this collaboration”, says in his turn, Liviu Drăgan, CEO of DRUID.

DRUID is a company based in Romania specialized in the development of intelligent virtual assistants, dedicated to complex Enterprise processes, and one of the few global suppliers that cover all types of implementations – cloud, hybrid, or on-premises. Over 500 pre-configured conversational templates on roles, processes, and industries ensure launch in production in just a few week.

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