ANAF kicks off operation „Iceberg” to check big companies from Romania

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The Fiscal Administration National Agency (ANAF) has started operation „Iceberg”, a fiscal check on all big companies based in Romania, from all fields of economic activity, the Agency told a press release on Thursday.

„Operation <Iceberg> that will be carried out all through 2019 will involve the intensification of the checks on big companies, with the aim of maintaining a politically correct treatment for all categories of tax payers conducting activities in Romania,” reads the press release.

What is ANAF mainly eyeing? To counter the profit externalization of the companies, to check the way big companies are managing the economic relations among the companies that part of the same group, to dismantle the transactional chains organized with the aim of avoiding tax payment, and to identify and manage the tax evasion cases, as the Romanian revenue body said.

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