ANAT: The fiscal “revolution” affects tourism

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The 1 percent tax on turnover of up to EUR 1 million affects travel agencies, National Association of Travel Agencies in Romania (ANAT) warns.

The representatives of the Romanian tourism point out that over 85 percent of the companies will suffer from this tax.

“The travel industry expects the Government to approve the regulations to correct the current situation of guaranteeing tourist packages, for which ANAT has made proposals more than a year ago, or to propose stimulatory measures, such as reducing VAT to 9 percent cut in VAT for agencies’ margins, which ANAT has been demanding for many years,” ANAT shows.

Fiscal specialists say the companies that have a gross margin of profit of less than 6.25 percent or registering losses because they will have to pay a higher tax, will be the most affected.

It is the case for travel agencies that have an average commission of 7 percent of the package, of which they pay a fifth of VAT, running costs and do not reach a profit rate of 6.25 percent, ANAT officials say.

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