APIA: New cars deliveries increased by 18 pc in the first five months of the year

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Sales of new vehicles in Romania increased by 18.1 percent in the first five months of the year compared to the same period of 2016, the Automotive Manufacturers and Importers Association (APIA), data show, according to a press release.

At the same time, the sales of automobiles registered a 22 percent increase yoy within this segment.

Car sales during January – May 2017 were supported by the purchases made by legal entities, with a share of 73 percent, compared to 27 percent of individuals.

As regards the used cars, more than 214,000 units were registered after the first five months of 2017, meaning about 71 percent of the volume recorded for the entire 2016 and by 5.8 times higher than the number of new cars.

“This situation is caused, as APIA has signaled since last year, by the removal of the Environmental stamp as of February 1. Even worse, however, is the fact that the number of imported used cars with high pollutant emissions has tripled (Euro3, Euro2), from about 29,672 units in 2016 to about 87,099 units in 2017, ” APIA release reads.

More than 31.6 percent vehicles were delivered in May 2017 compared to April, 54,595 units overall for the first five months, up by 18.1 percent than in the first five months in 2016.

Dacia tops the auto brands ranking (cars + commercial vehicles) with 13,582 units, followed by Volkswagen (5,830 units), Ford (4,363 units), Renault (4,234 units) and Skoda (3,965 units).

In this context, in comparison with 2016, the deliveries of automobiles from the domestic production substantially increased in 2017 by 27.6 percent, while the increase of the imported cars is lower, of 20.2 percent, respectively.

“We can estimate that if there are no events/measures that could affect the automotive sector, in 2017 there will be an increase in the automotive market of over 10-12 percent,” APIA pointed out.


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