ArcelorMittal Galati, over EUR 7 M investment to reduce energy consumption


ArcelorMittal Galati, the largest steel plant in Romania, has invested more than EUR 7 million for upgrading a blast furnace, the investment being part of “ENERGIZE” energy efficiency program, which is aimed at lowering energy consumption by 15 percent over the next five years.

According to a press release, following this investment, the company has halved steam consumption of turbo-blowers, which provides cold air injection in blast furnaces and are essential in the technological process.

As a result of the investment, these two turbo-blowers are more efficient and can be operated depending on the level of production, consuming only 32-40 tons of steam per hour, compared to 70 tons before upgrading. Due to steam efficient use, the company can produce a quantity of energy that can be used in the production process.

The first step of ENERGIZE project involves identifying the current levels of usage of electricity, fuel gases, steam, water, nitrogen, argon and other valuable resources. The second step is to identify solutions to increase energy efficiency.

The resulting action plans cover a wide range of applications and areas, from the energy-intensive steelmaking equipment and processes, to office activities. The plans involve all parts of the business: operations, maintenance, investment and purchasing.

The “ENERGIZE” project aims also to increase employee awareness of the need to protect this kind of resource”, Bruno Ribo, chief executive officer, ArcelorMittal Galati.

In the last 10 years, ArcelorMittal Galati has invested about EUR 800 million for technological modernizations of production equipment and for replacement of used machinery. These investments have led to the production chain improvement.



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