ASF and RAR, partners in implementing important projects for all vehicles in Romania

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The Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) and the Romanian Automotive Register (RAR) agreed to support the implementation and development of three important projects which impact on all vehicles in Romania, a press release informs.

“Drivers in Romania, consumers of insurance products, must be supported, informed and protected by ASF and RAR. The implementation of these ambitious projects is now the number one priority for both the consumer protection sector in the ASF and RAR. We will periodically submit newsletters on the state of implementation of these projects. We trust that together we will heal the two related markets that have to adapt to the needs of consumers,” said Ovidiu Wlassopol, First Deputy Chairman of ASF.

The first project concerns the performance of technical safety inspections for vehicles with road safety system failures. The Road Safety Strategy, as well as in its Implementation Plan, adopted by Government Decision no. 755/2016 provide for increased road safety by improving the technical condition of the motor vehicle fleet and one of the measures involves the introduction of a technical safety inspection for the re-entry into circulation of vehicles involved in major road accidents.

This measure requires that a motor vehicle whose road safety systems are seriously damaged following an accident should be suspended from the periodic technical inspection (ITP) and that a verification of the technical condition is carried out after its repair. If, following this verification, the vehicle meets the functional and dimensional requirements, ITP shall be valid again. This verification will only be mandatory for vehicles that have certain types of damage that could endanger road safety. The measure will have consequences for all vehicles.

The second project concerns the establishment of the Body of independent damage assessors. This project complements the RCA Rule and will involve the liberalization of this profession, ensuring the conditions of independence, professional training and liability of future damage assessors. In the coming months, the debate will begin on this subject, and in the third quarter of this year the project will become operational.

The third project concerns a service that will be made available by the Romanian Auto Register, with the support of the ASF, for prompt, correct and transparent information of second-hand car buyers. In fact, through an SMS sent to RAR, buyers can find out about the mileage history of a vehicle, its possible deficiencies over time, as well as general information about the damage recorded by that vehicle.

The second-hand car market in Romania has been the subject of heated debate over the last few years regarding the falsification or concealment of relevant information on the wear and tear of a motor vehicle. ASF, within the limits of the provision of information subject to data protection regulations, will support this project by sending information on the damage record of each vehicle for which a claim file is opened.


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