Austria’s XXXLutz enters Romanian market, competing IKEA

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After exploring the local market for 10 years, Austrian furniture retailer XXXLutz chose Timisoara to open its first store in Romania, announcing itself a direct competitor to Swedish retailer IKEA, informs, quoting Opinia Timisoarei.

Actually, Timisoara is the city where IKEA has postponed opening a store, although most online orders were coming from here.

First XXXLutz store in Romania, covering 6,500 square meters, will be launched this fall under Mömax brand with affordable products, similar to IKEA policy. Mömax includes the medium- premium range of Austrian group chain.

After the unit in Timisoara, XXXLutz will open other two sales centers in Romania – Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest.

The Austrian retailer brand was launched just after World War II in the fall of 1945, two years after IKEA appeared in a small shopping center in Austria. The expansion was triggered in 1973, XXXLutz having currently 237 stores in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Sweden, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia and over 20,000 employees.

With a turnover of over EUR 3 billion, XXXLutz owns the brands Mömax, Möbelix, Kranz, Neubert, Rück, Aiko, Möma, Lesnina, Emslander, Bierstorfer, Mann Mobilia, Sparkauf, Gamerdinger, being the second supplier of furniture and DIY in Europe.



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