BenQ brand returns on local smartphones market next year

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Romanians’ appetite for smartphones attracts the interest of producers of such devices. This time, Taiwan-based company BenQ specializing in computing manufacturing, communications and consumer electronics devices announced its return on mobile phones market, including phablets, starting 2015, after many years of absence.
Romania is on the list.
“In December BenQ comes with three models in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and then it follows launches in Poland and Ukraine, and in March or April BenQ comes with three models of smartphones and one phablet on the Romanian market,” BenQ General Manager for Central and Eastern Europe, Michael Borze said in a press conference, informs.
The company launched in 2005 several models under the BenQ-Siemens brand, but the joint venture ended in 2007 and BenQ came out the European market of smartphones.
“We have never stopped manufacturing phones and we’re always present with them in Asia. In Romania, the phones will arrive later than the other markets because the market belongs to the three major mobile operators and if you don’t have their input then you can not sell your products,” Borze also said.
BenQ known for projectors and monitors, released Tuesday in Romania projection wireless solutions designed for various operating environments: home, office or school.
Some solutions include the next generation wireless full HD kit that allows you to install at your place a home-cinema system anywhere in the house without any specialist help, without having in the same room a media player and a projector.
Also, BenQ has launched Wi-Fi HDMI Qcast adapter and Quick Wireless Connection kit.

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