Biofarm inaugurates modern drug factory in Romania following an EUR 35 M investment


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Biofarm, one of the most important drug manufacturers in Romania, inaugurated a new production and testing facility in Bucharest, in which over 35 million euros were invested.

With a usable area of over 10.000 sqm and an annual production flow three times higher than in the existing plant, the new Biofarm factory will ensure the production of a complex portfolio of pharmaceutical products and its development with innovative treatments adapted to the modern consumer. The new production site will have four production streams – coated tablets/tablets/drops, soft capsules, solutions, and syrups.

The factory benefits from state-of-the-art equipment and installations and automation software that helps optimize production and logistics flows. All production lines are audited and certified by the national National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices according to the Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), the quality standard that sets the rules for the manufacture of medicines at European level. At the same time, the production lines are EN ISO 9001 certified.

In the physico-chemical analysis laboratory there is a core of specialists with extensive experience, who also have access to in-service training courses for the development and validation of analytical methods to European standards for Biofarm products.

For 100 years we have believed in the good and we do good through innovation and performance. For 100 years we have been taking care to develop products to the highest standards. The new production unit is one of the most important investments in the pharmaceutical industry of the last 30 years, being the result of a sustainable investment plan. On a very competitive market we are one of the most important local producers, and the completion of this unit will give us the opportunity to increase production capacity, but also research and development. The inauguration of one of the most modern medicine factories in Romania is our start to prepare for the next 100 years and to continue to carry out the mission started in 1921, to always act for the good of the people “, said Cătălin Vicol, general manager of Biofarm.

Currently, Biofarm is the most important Romanian manufacturer of soft gelatin capsules, among the top three Romanian manufacturers of solutions and suspensions for oral administration and one of the largest manufacturers of tablets and dragees in Romania.

“100 years of existence on the Romanian pharmaceutical market put a great responsibility on our shoulders: to constantly grow and innovate. The next century means the extension of the continuous modernization processes to which each member of our team will contribute. We constantly invest in the improvement of our products and in state-of-the-art equipment, with an extraordinary team of specialists with extensive experience, who have access to continuous training courses for the development and validation of analytical methods to European standards for Biofarm products,” added Cătălin Vicol.

The new production unit, one of the most modern drug factories in Romania, carries forward Biofarm’s commitment to invest in the future and to contribute to the development of the Romanian pharmaceutical industry.

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