Bittnet Training enters the market of the Republic of Moldova


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Bittnet Training, part of the Bittnet Group listed on the Main Market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, announces its entry into the Moldovan market by signing a partnership with Reliable Solutions Distributor (RSD), a local business and software solutions company. Bittnet Training will support RSD Moldova in the growth, training, and certification of trainers within the company to teach specialized IT courses locally.

We are thrilled about Bittnet Training’s entry into the Moldovan market by signing this partnership with RSD Moldova. The company has extensive experience in the IT&C sector, being one of the most reliable partners at the national level in providing services in this field. Regarding the business model, we are glad that we have found a partner who has the same vision, professionalism, and approach to our group’s quality of services. Our mission is to build together a fully developed training center in the Republic of Moldova to provide live training, when possible,” stated Cristea Ghita, Manager, Partner Channel Team, Bittnet Training.

Although the IT sector is an important one for the country’s economy, most of the professionals in the Republic of Moldova have specialized in this field on their own. They have not benefited from an internationally recognized certification. Thus, Bittnet Training and RSD Moldova plan to develop the first company dedicated to professional training services in the IT field, a first for the Republic of Moldova market. The aim is to make a series of certified IT courses available to potential participants from different providers. The two companies are also considering introducing a certification system based on exams held at an internationally recognized testing center.

Through this partnership, RSD enters a relatively new area, complementary to the comfort zone so far. Yes, it is a challenge, but with Bittnet Training, we are convinced that we can tackle it much better. We have partners and clients eager to benefit from suitable internationally certified training provided by professionals. Thus, we support them through this partnership,” stated Ovidiu Cranga, RSD Managing Director.

The IT sector is constantly growing in the Republic of Moldova, the workforce in this field being about 26,000 employees. Also, in terms of specialized studies, there are 2,000 graduates with university degrees in IT annually, about 3,500 students are enrolled in IT software studies, and about 5,000 in software engineering programs. However, apart from the university degree, these students have had no opportunity to obtain internationally recognized certifications attesting to their specific specializations or competencies.

In 2022, Bittnet Training and RSD Moldova expect a number of 75-100 students enrolled in the courses provided by RSD Moldova. Their number will double every year in the next two to three years after the market is mature enough for these courses.

For the next five years, Bittnet Group aims to increase its business in Central and Eastern Europe by building a relevant regional IT group to meet the region’s accelerated demand for IT services. The partnership with RSD Moldova is another step in this direction.

RSD Moldova is a subsidiary of Romsym Data in Romania. It has been present in the Republic of Moldova since 2010, where it has implemented over 250 IT&C projects by providing business and software solutions.

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