Black Friday: Transactions worth RON 59m in four hours. Scornicesti, Nicolae Ceausescu’s birthplace, leads in the top of orders

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On Black Friday, until 11.00h, the Romanians have bought online goods worth RON 59 million, whereas the average shopping basket was RON 766, PayU informs.

During 7.00h-11.00h more than 54,000 transactions were completed, worth RON 54.4 million. More than 36% of transactions were made by cards in instalments. The main goods purchased were IT&C (96%) and fashion, whereas the largest transaction was worth RON 36,371 to buy jewels.

The main countries for transactions: Romania (97%), France and Portugal. One transaction was made from Fiji.

The representatives of the online payment provider estimated on Thursday an overall value of transactions of RON 175, up by 55% against last year.

According to the forecasts, 30% of the orders on Black Friday will be paid online, while the payment by cards in instalments will represent more than 40%, i.e. about RON 50 million (33% in 2016).

Scornicesti, Nicolae Ceausescu’s birthplace, leads in the top of orders

The locality where former communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was born, leads in the top of orders on Black Friday at the eMAG online shop.

In the top of localities, Scornicesti is first with 186.11 products/1,000 inhabitants, followed by Chiajna and Bragadiru.

Scornicesti is in Olt County and is made up by the villages of Bălţaţi, Bircii, Chiţeasca, Constantineşti, Jitaru, Mărgineni-Slobozia, Mihăileşti-Popeşti, Mogoşeşti, Negreni, Piscani, Rusciori, Șuica and Teiuş. It has 11,766 inhabitants and was declared town in 1989.

Before 1989 the locality has various advantages, during the period when Ceausescu was at the helm of the country which finally led to becoming a town.


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