BNR sanctioned only five banks in 2017, compared to 55 in 2016

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Credit Europe Bank had the most deviations and breaches of banking regulations in 2017. For all these irregularities the financial institution was fined RON 20,000, following the Order of the First Deputy Governor of National Bank of Romania (BNR).

Throughout the year 2017, the central bank has fined only 5 banks, compared to 55 in 2016. The other fined banks are: Bancpost (RON 25,000); Garanti Bank (written warning), ProCredit Bank (written warning), Patria Bank (written warning).

Credit Europe Bank was sanctioned for the lack of a policy regarding the selection, monitoring and planning of the succession of Board of Directors members; the lack of a policy of promoting diversity within the management body; not assessing the risks resulting from the operational risk underestimation in the context of using the basic approach, in the internal capital adequacy risk assessment process, a.s.o.



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