Bookmakers’ turnover exceeded RON 1.5 bn in 2016


Sports bookmakers’ turnover has passed RON 1.5 billion in 2016, the market increasing more than fourfold in the last seven years, from RON 354 million in 2010, according to an KeysFin analysis. They consider that 2014 was a peak for sports betting market. 67 companies were registered in 2010 in the Trade Register with 2,770 employees, there were 126 companies with 12.661 employees in 2014.

“We can say that in 2015 the market began to mature. From the very fast development in previous years, the companies have focused to optimize earnings. Even if the turnover has slowed from the previous year, the profitability increased to the record level of RON 173.1 million, with over RON 40 million more than in 2014,” KeysFin analysts said.

According to them, VAT cut, which brought more money in Romanians’ pockets, influenced positively the businesses in the sector.

Their estimates reveal that 2016 represented the exceeding of RON 1.5 billion threshold on sports betting market, and the experts anticipate for this year a result at least the same level.

“Decrease of interest for Bingo or Lotto games and the massive investments in advertising made by bookmakers have influenced consumer behavior in this sector,” KeysFin shows.

According to statistics, the number of betting agencies exceeded the 5,000 level, after in 2015, 4,844 units were officially registered. Romanian Bookmakers Association puts the increasing turnover in this sector on the development of online betting account.

Employers said that traditional betting operators have an annual contribution to the state budget estimated at EUR 120 million and a total of about 16,000 employees in this industry.

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