Bosch opened applications for the Junior Managers Program (JMP)

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Bosch, a leading global supplier of technology and services, opened applications for the Junior Managers Program (JMP). The company continues to invest in the education and training of young individuals, preparing them for leadership positions within Bosch.

This year, under the umbrella of the JMP program, the company promotes five positions within its production units in Cluj and Blaj addressed to young individuals displaying leadership potential, interested in both commercial and technical areas. In addition to the extensive experience they will gain during the program, participants will also have the opportunity to develop a solid knowledge base about the industry and business dynamics, applicable during the program stages, and a global professional network.

Bosch plant in Blaj

JMP is an accelerated learning program with high exposure to various knowledge areas in a short period. The program aims for young individuals experiencing today the beginnings of their careers to take responsibility for leading a department following six to eight years after graduating from the program. “At Bosch, we are talking about a culture that involves training and developing the skills and competencies of your own associates for key positions. 90 percent of the Bosch managers come from inside the company. This is a strong argument for supporting a large-scale program such as JMP”, said Ramona Bădescu, HR group leader within the Bosch Group in Romania and coordinator of the program.

In Romania, , Bosch conducts annually, since 2014, new editions of the JMP prgram. In the last five years, more than 1,000 young individuals have shown interest in the program and accepted the challenge of proving their skills during an extensive and intense selection process. In addition to the potential identified during the selection process and the skills possessed, in order to apply, candidates are required exceptional academic results, excellent interpersonal skills, as well as the openness to rapidly expand their level of professional knowledge and skills. “When the need of the organization meets the extraordinary potential of the participants within a well-defined framework we can talk about achieving the mission of the program, which is providing the right talents for all levels of leadership roles. The global format of the program offers enough opportunities for its customization at a country level, and even at a location level, and so, according to the maturity of the business and local development plans, we can tailor a personalized approach plan“, Bădescu added.

Leadership skills in just few years

At a national level, JMP already has 14 graduates and now, seven talented young professional are under various stages of their professional training as future leaders, while exposed to all areas specific to production activities, both in the country and in other Bosch locations in the world.

The Junior Managers Program (JMP) involves gaining experience in four to six departments selected by the participant together with a mentor from the management team, according to the abilities and skills of each admitted candidate. The duration of the program varies between 18 and 24 months and includes an international work experience in one of the Bosch locations in the world. Annually, through JMP, Bosch offers career opportunities in various areas of interest, from research and development or information technology, to management accounting, logistics, technical sales or purchasing. Thus, the admitted young people have access to relevant information and direct mentoring from Bosch experts, but also to a cultural diversity and various projects, to which permanent interaction with state-of-the-art technologies is added.

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